GCode PHP - Encode/ Decode PHP scripts

Tool for unreadable PHP script

Utility GCode_php.exe making php code unreadable for users can spy you secret code writed in php script.

Utility GCode_php.exe supersede module Pecl bcompiler or encoder blenc. When this modules not running on any versions of Apache server, You can use GCodePHP. This is very happy and freely tools for hide source code. Is not module for Apache. This is tools that provide changes source code for unreadable code base64.

Working on All version Apache and all version PHP .

Convert and protect your PHP scripts to unreadable, but still executable. This is a list of tools you can use to protect your PHP code. Encoder run by command line. Utility safe you time to encode.Pay only 15 Euro for Full version. Fisrt time only download and test mode Test. When like you this tool can use full mode. For using this mode you must register and purchase very quickly by PayPal or SMS.

  • Param1 = Input filename (php script)
  • Param2 = Set mode to :
    • Soft - default used as trial version
    • Analyze - output for solve problem
    • Hard-fail-safe - if not running corectly Hard mode
    • Hard - final output code for best hide source code

There're free and paid tools for encode your php script.

Utility can run in two basic modes: Soft or Full

A) Soft mode - free

Instructions for mode [Soft or Analyze] :
Make xxx.phc from xxx.php file.
Use xxx.phc file to run script.
Rename to xxx.php after save xxx.php original script.

B) Full mode - (Purchased) version 15,- EUR /infinity time for 1 PC

Purchase via PayPal or SMS from downloaded utility
Instructions for mode [Hard or Hard-fail-safe] :
Make xxx.phc from xxx.php file.
Second file make xxx_run.php file.
Second file used for run xxx.phc file by this file.
In mode rename xxx_run.php file to xxx.php file.
And xxx.phc file live as the same name. Free using in soft mode.

When you want used it in Full mode, can buy it and you get unlock key on e-mail...

Support systems are: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2003 / 2008 (R2)/ SBS 2011 / 2012 (R2)

Download free for test in soft mode GCodePHP ( Downloads : 1037x )


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