GBack - backup software for free use


Very simply backup with very sophisticated method of settings.

  • Start of backup (x) minutes after start PC
  • Start at predefined time of day
  • Start every (x) minutes per day
  • Start immediately when button [Start]is pressed
  • Set full backup as add new files and overwrite newest.
  • Set compare backup with delete files which not exist now in source
  • Copy 1:1 to the destination
  • Very usefull for NAS server or others digital stores where you need uncompresed files for using as they are
  • After backup you can set (Shutdown, Sleep-Hibernate or Nothing)

All story about backup is written to Log.
Backup running in systray as minimized application.
Info about running backup in systray tooltip.

Download GBack ( Downloads : 5696x )


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